The Spot: 3OH!3

By Vanessa Butler

While 3OH!3’s Sean Foreman looted his bedroom to pack for their fall tour, we were on speakerphone prodding him with questions about the upcoming dates.

While 3OH!3’s Sean Foreman looted his bedroom to pack for their fall tour, we were on speakerphone prodding him with questions about the upcoming dates, why strip clubs mix steak with nudity and why Yanni gets him so psyched to sing on stage. Okay, that last one isn’t entirely true, but Yanni was mentioned. The two boys, known for opening for superstar Katy Perry and having Ke$ha sing in one of their biggest hits, will be releasing their fourth studio album, Omens, that is definitely going to dominate the airwaves as soon as the album drops.

We’re kicking off the fall tour in Richmond, Virginia at this venue called The National, and it’s a really awesome venue. For the artist they’ve got hot tubs and pool tables and anything you can dream of backstage. It’s kind of funny that we’re starting there because it would be such a great place to hit midway through when you’re super tired of sitting in closets and stuff like that. It’s always a party. I remember last time playing The National it was a big dance party at the end of the show.

Well, shit. I’ll tell this one because it’s really funny but super embarrassing. One of our first big European tours was with Katy Perry. We were good friends with her and we went out on the town with her the last night that we were in Belgium. She was successful and big at the time, but it was right on the cusp of her becoming a world-famous superstar so there were paparazzi and people following us around. So we played the show — I was already pretty drunk — and then we hit up the bars after. I don’t know what it was, this isn’t typical, but I was looking at the line for the men’s bathroom and it was just out the door. I was really drunk and couldn’t get my shit together and I ended up peeing my pants in the bar. But I was so happy and so drunk I was like, you know what? This isn’t about to ruin my night. I’m not going to go home. So I just hung out next to Katy. I’m sure there are paparazzi photos in magazines of her standing there and then an arrow pointing at me saying, “Who the fuck is this?” No one called me out on it or anything, but it was the funniest thing as I look back on it. What was wrong with me?!

It is different sounding, but we learned a lot [from] our previous experiences through songwriting and producing. It’s definitely a huge step forward for us, but it’s also a step, maybe a jump backward, because we did it all in Matt’s basement: mixing, producing, writing, everything. It brings it back to the basics. You know, two college kids in an apartment doing the exact same thing. We took more liberties and we didn’t feel the pressure. We got weird with songs and ended up writing about 20 songs this way, not thinking too much about how people receive it or where we should put them. We just wrote whatever songs we wanted to write, and some will never see the light of day and probably shouldn’t. We ended up narrowing it down to 11 songs and I’m really stoked about it. We’ve already started playing a couple of songs on the road and the reception has been really great.

We’ve done a few things with Playboy, and it’s crazy for me because it was always such a mainstay for me. My friend’s stepdad would always have these collections of [nude] mags and we’d always find them. Playboy was definitely the first one I encountered. Maybe late fall, my friend stole some to keep, and he couldn’t keep them at his house and I couldn’t keep them at my house so we ended up putting them in a bush down by the park so we can go to the bush and take turns looking at them there. It’s funny now because every single year in the fall, there’s a certain time in Colorado that has this distinct smell that always reminds me of Playboy because the Playboy started to smell like the leaves. I would go down there to check out my decrepit rain Playboy. It’s a super fond moment that I always look back on because it was such a weird moment. And every time I smell that smell, I think of Playboy.

We love hole-in-the-wall bars with good jukeboxes and cheap drink deals. We get into messes wherever we go; in Atlanta there’s this place called the Clermont Lounge that’s a pseudo-bar/strip club, and it’s a bizarre place that’s really hard to beat. It’s not your straight-down-the-middle strip club, so we always try to hit it up when we go there. Sassy’s in Portland (Oregon) is another one that is up there, as is Acropolis, a strip club with the best steak you’ll ever get because the guy who runs it owns the ranch so it’s straight from the land to the plate for like 10 bucks, if that’s what you want to do while you’re at a strip club. With steak and strip clubs it’s like you’re crossing different senses that shouldn’t be crossed.

I just downloaded a bunch of new music. The new Imagine Dragons is dope, I just listened to that a couple of times. I actually have a playlist here for the tour, you know, Yanni, anything classical…No, but really, we just did a thing with Spotify called our “pre-game mix,” and it has a ton of songs. There’s a throwback R. Kelly remix to “Ignition,” Nero’s “Guilt” and Marina and the Diamonds’ “Lies.” She’s awesome; we’ve always been fans of her. On her first big U.S. tour she covered one of our songs, “Starstrukk.

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