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The Spot: Cancer Bats
  • May 02, 2012 : 10:05
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Hardcore punk band Cancer Bats have released their newest record, Dead Set on Living, and have kicked off their tour as of this month. We wondered what it would be like to spend a day partying with a band like this that tours the world, so we asked them about living and drinking on the road. Be sure to check out for all tour dates and follow @CancerBats on Twitter for insights from their travels. 

When you’re playing gigs in America, which cities do you look forward to partying in the most?

Portland, Oregon, is one of our favorite towns to play and hang out. They have the best coffee in the whole country at Stumptown, where they roast some serious beans and make an amazing Americano. Playing shows there always rules, the kids who come out to shows are rad and tear shit up!  

Austin, Texas, is another favorite of ours. The punk scene there is crazy and our good friends in the Krum Bums always take good care of us and make sure the shows rip! El Chilito is the best hang for good coffee and breakfast tacos. Red7 is the bar we always play and everyone who works there rules.  

Minneapolis is an amazing town that we all love rolling through.  One bar we go to every single time we’re there is the Triple Rock Social Club. It’s an amazing punk rock bar that has a great venue attached to it. They have amazing food and the jukebox fuckin’ can't be beat. Every band that plays there knows they're going to be well fed or blackout drunk or both. When we played there with Gallows in ’08 it was hands down the best show of the whole tour. NOFX even wrote a song about it!

What bars and nightclubs are you sure to hit up when you’re touring?

When we're in New York there's this amazing bar called
Saint Vitus that we rage at every time we're in town! It’s run by the raddest dudes and any day of the week it’s the craziest party! They have bands that play there all the time and the whole place explodes. Easily the greatest bar in all of NYC, if not the whole US of A!  

 Anytime we're in Vancouver, BC, we always stop by The Morrissey to hang out. It’s a nice chilled-out bar with an awesome vibe and tons of solid bros that hang out there. Sometimes after being in loud metal bars every single night of the tour it’s nice to be in a spot that's a little more relaxed and you don't have to yell over the music.  

Santiago in Leeds, England, is our hang whenever we're on tour there. All our friends work there and we can hang late. It’s an awesome gnarly bar that plays some epic tunes. Sometimes when you're on tour you want to go to a loud place; you have to yell over top of the music and get really rowdy with a pack of BMX dudes.  

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