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The Spot: Cancer Bats
  • May 02, 2012 : 10:05
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Which city has the sexiest girls?

Europe holds it down in the babe department.  Prague, Barcelona, Copenhagen all have very beautiful people.  The lifestyle over there is so carefree and healthy. Just hanging out stress-free, having a good time, and living life makes for way more babes.

What is your craziest story from the road?

I remember once we were playing Summer Sonic festival in Japan. The whole thing is gigantic, with Beyoncé headlining and tons of different stages for metal, indie rock, punk, electro, and anything else you can think of. The crazy thing is if you're playing the fest you can go anywhere, security would just smile and let you through. So we all went to check out Lady Gaga's show and we were able to stand right onstage for her whole set. Not even off to the side, we were standing beside the drum riser just chilling, watching the whole thing.  If that's not crazy enough, I look over and Fred Durst is standing there right beside us checking out Gaga!  It’s those moments that you think about and it blows your mind. I never thought I would be in Japan watching Gaga with Fred Durst and his whole crew, wildness!  

Are there any places you’re looking forward to playing that you haven’t been before?

We're always really stoked to go further and further east in Europe. I love playing in places where they don't get a lot of shows and people are so pumped to have heavy bands playing. The shows are always nuts and everyone there is super friendly, it rules. This summer we’re going to Romania and I can't wait, I know that show is going to be insane!

What was your first Playboy?

I remember my neighbor’s dad had a whole bunch of Playboys that we would steal when we were young. Classic kid stuff, going to the tree fort to look at boobs with your buddies.   
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