The Spot: Foxy Shazam

By Staff

We sit down with two of the wild party boy's from glam rock band Foxy Shazam to talk about life on the road, and where they stop while they're touring the U.S.

Six-piece glam rock band Foxy Shazam is currently partying their way across America on tour to promote their latest album, The Church of Rock and Roll. If you don’t know the name, you’ve probably heard their song “Unstoppable,” which was featured in the Superbowl XLIV as well as the videogame NHL 11. We caught up with front man Eric Nally and trumpet player Alex Nauth during the first leg of their tour to talk about life on the road and the party places they just can’t miss in the U.S.

To keep in touch with Foxy Shazam, be sure to follow @foxyshazam on Twitter and check out their upcoming tour dates on When you’re playing gigs in America, which cities do you look forward to partying in the most?

Eric Nally: New Orleans, because we always get a hotel room and never use it. A town full of graveyards, jazz and secrets is right down Foxy’s alley. Portland, Oregon, because they have the only two strip clubs we actively seek. Union Jacks is straight from a Tarantino film and Mary’s is downright the classiest older burlesque you’ll ever see with eyes wide shut.

Alex Nauth: Vegas. What bars and nightclubs are you sure to hit up when you’re touring?

Nally: We always hit up the Rainbow Room whenever we swing through L.A. We always catch a glimpse of Ron Jeremy but we’re still waiting for Lemmy [from Motörhead].

Ed’s Steak House is in nowhere Pennsylvania and has a Twin Peaks vibe. We would love to tell you where it is but it’s a place that finds you.

Nauth: Next to every venue there is a bar. We’ve been to them all and we’ll be there again soon. Which city has the sexiest girls?

Nally: From the words of our forefathers: we wish they all could be California girls. What is your craziest story from the road?

Nally: We don’t remember our craziest nights, but one of our second-craziest nights is getting insanely drunk and skinny-dipping in the ocean in Florida. A horrible storm came through which pushed us to move to an open swanky cigar bar, where in the basement we competed in a cornhole tournament and won against a team called “The Gray Hairs.”  The next morning we found out that the area we were skinny-dipping in was infested with sharks for mating season. We’re lucky to be alive

Another time we finished a kick-ass show at Pops in Saint Louis, which is conveniently located between some train tracks and two strip clubs.  What more could you need, right? Wrong. This was the night of the super moon and we needed more to be entertained. A train started coming past the venue and Alex hopped on. Eric, Daisy and Mat, without thinking, followed suit. The conductor saw us immediately and started to stop the train. Trains take a while to come to a complete stop so we rode for about a mile. Once the train came to a stop and the conductor was hunting down the tracks with his flashlight, the four of us jumped off and booked it for the nearby woods. We stumbled into the backyard of a college party. Everyone there was either drunk out of their minds or tripping on LSD. As we walked in the door we get handed a full bottle of Jack to pass between our pack. I think the person who handed it to us recognized us as Foxy Shazam; then again, I’m not sure, I couldn’t really hear what he was saying over the music. The rest of the night consisted of keg races, existential conversations around a campfire and locking ourselves in a smoke den in the house when the cops arrived. But we made it, and it’s all true. Are there any places you’re looking forward to playing that you haven’t been before?

Nauth: Japan. We hear their excitement is unbridled. They haven’t met us yet, though. What’s your first memory of Playboy magazine?

Nally: I acquired a Playboy from a friend in band class in middle school. I loved it so much but made the cardinal mistake of hiding it under my mattress. One day when I was at school, my mom decided to clean my entire room and remake the bed. She found the Playboy and wrapped it up in three, three, plastic shopping bags and left it on the edge of my bed and waited for me to come home. When I got home my dear mother made me go to my bedroom, pick up the bag and walk it outside to the trash so “your little sister won’t see this smut.” Needless to say, I’ve hid my Playboys better ever since. What albums or songs are on your tour playlist?

Nauth: Ram by Paul and Linda McCartney, Eliminator by ZZ Top and The Chronic by Dr. Dre. Who is your favorite Playmate?

Nally: Sherilyn Fenn.

Nauth: Pamela Anderson. Tell us about your current tour and upcoming tour dates. How is it going?

Nauth: We’re out on the road for most of the year doing radio festivals and headlining dates across the country and possibly Europe. The shows keep getting bigger and crazier. Not much to complain about.


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