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The Spot: My Darkest Days
  • April 05, 2012 : 11:04
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Not only is My Darkest Day's new record 'Sick and Twisted Affair' hitting the shelves, they're also on the road with megabands Nickelback, Bush and Seether as of this month. We wondered what it would be like to spend a day partying with a band like this, so we asked what it was like living and drinking on the road. 

When you’re playing gigs in America, which cities do you look forward to partying in the most? 

Matt: I like playing The Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan. There is always a good crowd of people and a ton of hot chicks. I also love Vegas and L.A for the hot blondes who are always dressed up like they’re hitting the clubs.

What bars and nightclubs are you sure to hit up when you’re touring?

Sal: Oh man... There are so many amazing bars and so many stories to go along with all of them. I'd probably have to go with the world famous Sunset Strip off of Exit 69 in Portland, Oregon. That place is ridiculous. 'Porn Star Dancing' definitely opened some doors for us in the club and strip club realm, and what a great realm it is…kind of like home now.

We also love partying at Tattoo Rock Parlour in Toronto. We've had a ton of memories partying there.

I think we gotta pay homage to the Hollywood classics like the Rainbow and Viper Room. We just shot the video for 'Casual Sex' in LA, and we had some crazy nights at those two clubs.

Doug: The Rainbow in L.A. Cool vibe there! The Whiskey, also in L.A; it’s always rocking and the Machine Shop in Flint Michigan is crazy. Everyone is there to party hard!

Which city has the sexiest girls? 

Matt: That’s a hard one. NYC has a lot of diverse hot girls and L.A has got the hot bleach blondes.  I’m not picky though, all of the USA has beautiful women!

Doug: I would have to say L.A or Toronto. L.A is where you find your typical blonde Barbie girl and Toronto is where you see a ton of smokin’ natural girl next door types.

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  • Anonymous
    My Darkest Days are even better live!