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The Spot: My Darkest Days
  • April 05, 2012 : 11:04
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What is your craziest story from the road?

Sal: Honestly - the stories go on for days. We're a rock n' roll band in its most traditional form. Yes, the music is modern, but we definitely follow a lot of the old school style of partying; a lot of girls and a lot of drinks! The road is like being in Vegas. You know the saying "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?" Same rules apply to the road. We've been through it all. I've been physically attacked by a fan that ended up getting arrested, we smashed our second bus into a Mexican restaurant owned by a sheriff in Texas, but probably the most memorable story from the road was our bus crash in Idaho.

We had just finished driving through the mountains and the weather was crazy. We were on the highway and snow was everywhere. The pavement was literally a skating rink just covered in ice. I remember being scared when I was in my bunk because the bus kept swaying because of the wind. Then, all of a sudden, BANG! The bus flips over and slides into a ditch. All I remember is Matt flying into my bunk. We were so freaked out, it was crazy. We had just hired a new female assistant who got ejected from her sleeping quarters, and following her ejection was our drummer Doug who was completely naked and ended up with his ass in her face. She was horrified. Not from the crash, but from Doug being spread eagle on top of her! It at least made for some comic relief in a crazy situation.

The best part though, was when the police arrived. They were straight up rude upon arrival, they didn't even ask if we were okay. They towed the bus out of the ditch back into its upright position and then searched it. After they searched it, we were surprised to find $1000 missing from our safe. So - in rock n' roll fashion, we asked the cops where our money went. One of the cops piped up and said "Well, we can talk about the $1000, or we can talk about this” while he held a ziploc bag with "illegal substances" in it. Essentially we were extorted by a COP after a bus crash. Great luck we have right? Moral of this story is - if you've been flipped in a tour bus, before you break out of a window to get out, flush the weed down the toilet!

Are there any places you’re looking forward to playing that you haven’t been before?

Matt: I'm looking forward to playing Madison Square Garden in NYC and the Staples Center L.A!!!  

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  • Anonymous
    My Darkest Days are even better live!