The Spot: The Wanted

By Staff

They may be a UK boy band, but these guys sure know how to party Playboy style.

Hailing all the way from the U.K., British-Irish boy band The Wanted were made the good old ’90s boy band way: by attending a mass audition in 2009. We wouldn’t usually spend our time talking about pop music, but these five boys have been on our radar ever since they showed up at the Playboy Mansion for Nathan Sykes’s 19th birthday. According to the tabloids, there were kisses grabbed from Bunnies, a skinny dip in the grotto after enjoying a couple of (legal) beers and, of course, a rousing game of dominos against beautiful Bunnies by the pool.

“I did actually manage to pull — I kissed a Bunny — Katy Perry-style,” Jay McGuiness told the press. “It’s a pretty good story to take back from a trip to America. If you’re invited to certain nights then I think it gets more crazy. But when we went it was almost seventies classy, with hot girls everywhere.”

We were curious to see what else these young guys get up to while they tour the world, so we asked them to give us a taste of the jet-setting boy band lifestyle we all wished we were a part of when we were younger. When you’re playing gigs in America, which cities do you most look forward

to partying in?

The Wanted: We manage to make our own fun no matter where we go. We love visiting Las Vegas and New York. We’ve never had a bad time at either, and we love experiencing what the cities have to offer. What bars and nightclubs are you sure to hit up when you’re touring and why? 

The Wanted: A staple to all our Los Angeles visits is The Saddle Ranch on Sunset. The food is great, the girls are amazing and (there’s) nothing like unwinding at a good pub with your mates. Which city has the sexiest girls?

The Wanted: That’s tough to answer; everywhere we go, the girls are all beautiful in America. What is your craziest story from the road? 

The Wanted: We’ve had ourselves a few crazy nights out in Vegas that saw us hanging out at Hugh Hefner’s suite. And then actually going to the Mansion and meeting the man himself was amazing. Are there any places you’re looking forward to playing that you haven’t been before?

The Wanted: We have yet to see a lot of the middle of America. Our last tour was short and quick, so we got to experience the big cities but we know how big this country is and how much there is in between. Stopping by the Grand Canyon is definitely on our list. What’s your first memory of Playboy magazine?

The Wanted: Finding them in my brother’s drawer. What albums or songs are on your tour playlist?

The Wanted:  Karmin – “Brokenhearted,” Jessie J – “Domino,” Gotye – “Somebody That I Used to Know.” Talk a bit about your time at the Playboy Mansion.

The Wanted: We surprised Nathan for his 19th birthday with a visit to the Mansion. Since he’s not old enough to go out, we brought the party to him. It was amazing. Great food, beautiful girls and quality time in the grotto. Any plugs you want to make?

The Wanted: We have a new EP out that is self-titled, The Wanted, and make sure you call into your local stations to request “Chasing the Sun.” 


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