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By Lauren Hodge

The geeky, the sexy, the funny: Star Wars on Blu-ray

The recent release of this nine-disc box set has been provoking the more serious of the series’ fans to sound off loudly and virally over the past week. Regardless of any nitpicky complaints, though, the new set is a must-buy for any dedicated Skywalker fan.

Its simple but sleek packaging makes the perfect bookend in your DVD collection, and the hours of bonus features (includes extended and alternate scenes, cast/crew interviews, “Star Wars Spoofs” and more) should satisfy the most hardened Jedi junkie. Here’s a quick look a some Star Wars-inspired images and sites from around the web to stoke the Force inside you.

The Geeky The most expensive piece of Star Wars memorabilia to sell at auction was an original TIE (Twin Ion Engines) model fighter plane from Episode IV: A New Hope, selling for $350,000 in 2008 at a Profiles in History auction. The reason for the prop’s hefty asking price: This particular model space craft is the one responsible for hurtling Darth Vader into space, allowing Luke to destroy the Death Star.




The Sexy Known equally for her cinnamon bun hairdo as her golden metal bikini, the iconic Princess Leia was–and probably still is–a wet dream-inducing muse of every prepubescent boy who ever got turned on to the sci-fi series. The initial rough sketch of Leia’s character (above left) shows her looking like a cross between Farrah Fawcett and Wonder Woman, and we’d be lying if we said we wouldn’t have wanted to see Carrie Fisher try that costume on for size.

A Google image search on “sexy Star Wars cosplay” turns up about 977,000 results in 0.30 seconds. The first three that caught our eye (below) gave us a newfound appreciation for stormtroopers, Padmé and, of course, Chewie. Our favorite on the first page though is this Olivia Munn lookalike (above right), who makes us wish metal bikinis would’ve taken off in the swimwear department. Damn steel.

The Funny On the other hand, “funny Star Wars cosplay” turns up 1,177,000 results in 0.27 seconds. We’re partial to these four-legged friends.

Star Wars fans with a sweet tooth can enjoy eating their Pez from one of 22 different character dispensers, designed around usual suspects like Luke, Chewie (there are two versions) and R2-D2 as well as some of the series’ supporting stars like bounty hunter Boba Fett from Episodes V and VI. True Warsies likely own one (or all three) limited edition crystal dispensers of Vader, Yoda and C-3P0, but only the most die-hard fans own desk accessories like this vintage Pez dispenser, equal parts frightening and funny.

So where do these Star Wars obsessed get their daily fill of random Star Wars trivia, thoughts of the day, forgotten quotes and other totally useless but intriguing tidbits relating to the sci-fi saga? Answer: Wookieepedia. The Lucas lover’s one-stop shop is even translated in 27 languages, which means this box set should have no problem flying off shelves and e-checkout lines.

The Complete Saga, available at Amazon for $79.99

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