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The Top Ten College Bars and Late Night Eats
  • September 03, 2012 : 14:09
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The Streets of Campustown: Containing roughly a dozen bars, it’s not fair to choose just one. Drink your way from the Green Street Café, which serves $7 pitchers every night, hit up Firehaus, the tri-level sports bar, Joe’s with the stripper poles and end at the famous Illini inn to try your luck at becoming a member of the Mug Club. With a street like this, who needs an outside world?

Merry-Ann's Diner: All we can say is be sure you’re going to the one on Main Street, or you may be hugging the toilet bowl a little earlier than expected. Okay, it may not be that bad, but there is a pretty big difference between the services of the two. The place is usually packed when the bars are out, so stand your ground to get a cheap burger and fry. If all else fails, grab some food before leaving the bar, as many places keep their kitchen open until last call.

Girl: Megan Haurserman

Court Street: Steps away from Ohio University, you’ll find Court Street. It’s almost as if it’s on campus, since it’s usually packed with friendly faces, students grabbing a beer in between classes and those who just want to shoot a game of pool before heading to a game. There are a ton of bars to choose from on this strip, but our two favorites have to be The Pigskin and Tony’s Tavern.

Burrito Buggy: Parked somewhere on Court Street, the Burrito Buggy will be serving up the best burritos you’ve ever eaten from the back of a truck. Where will it be? Who knows! That’s half the fun. You can actually just look on their website, but we’re sure you won’t think of that after a Court Street crawl.

Girl: Beth Williams

Joe’s Place: Between the gorgeous girls that tend to frequent this sports bar and the awesome memories you’ll make playing foosball or shooting darts, Joe’s Place will soon become the hub of your time at the University of Iowa. If you feel like dressing up for a night out on the town, there are a handful of bars right off campus you can wander to, but if it’s game night, you’ll always end up back at Joe’s.

Mesa Pizza: We’re so happy pizza is now a vegetable, because you are going to eat a lot of it in school. Before you’re sick of the stuff in third year, be sure to get your fair share of Mesa Pizza. If you can dream it, they’ve probably made it. From barbeque steak and fries to spicy chicken burrito, they’ve put everything you’ve ever dreamed of on their fresh dough and serve up their creations by the slice, which is great for a student budget.

Girl: Julianna Reed

High Street & Sports Bars: The thing with WVU is that there is so much school spirit on campus, it spreads like wildfire around the city on the weekend. A lot of people opt to go to house parties instead of clubs, but it’s no secret that the girls of WVU like a big dance floor and loud music, which is why you’ll usually find the hottest chicks somewhere on High Street at one of the many dance clubs like Karma or Cellar. Of course there are a ton of sports bars to choose from, and depending on your scene, you’ll have a pick of the litter. Some like Kegler’s Sports Bar, but others don’t like how packed it is and prefer the Morgantown staple Gene’s Beer Garden. Whichever you end up at, you’re going to all be cheering for the same team.

Taco Bell: If you somehow missed grabbing a hot dog at Gene’s Garden, you’re SOL and will have to settle for chain fast food somewhere on High Street. But who can really resist Taco Bell at three A.M.? If you can, you’re probably a wizard or too sober.

Girl: Nicole Dawn

Levels Nightclub: Right in the heart of College Avenue lives a magical place called Levels Nightclub. The party is always incredible, the drink specials are perfect for a student budget and they are always jam-packed with some of the sexiest girls Penn State has to offer. Everyone is so beautiful at Levels, and the bartenders alone are a reason to keep coming back every week.

The Diner: Well this one was a no-brainer. If your parents or older sibling went to Penn State, they’ll tell you to end your night at The Diner, a 24-hour diner that has become a staple of PSU life over the years. Choose between their famous sticky buns or the mac and cheese, or if you’ve had a really rough night, get them both; we won’t tell your waistline.

Girl: Aisha Jamal

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