There Can Only Be One Fantasy Sports Girl

By Staff

<p>The competition has come to its last leg. Find out who'll become the & Draftkings Fantasy Sports girl now!<br></p>

It’s been an eventful couple of weeks for sexy Cybergirls in charge, Elena Romanova, Kari Nautique and Jade Bryce. They’ve been getting busy on, competing in the realm of online fantasy baseball for the opportunity to become the and DraftKings Fantasy Sports Girl. is a Boston-based company leading the charge in online daily fantasy sports for cash. Check out their daily $2 Fantasy MLB Contest, boasting a guaranteed $1000 prize pool. Get in on the fantasy with’s most affordable contest now!

If you missed the update, last week we caught up with the girls to find out where they were coming around the last corner and into the final stretch. With two rounds down, Miss Bryce was pulling ahead of the pack with a sharp but inconsistent performance, but she was being chased at a breakneck pace by second- and third-place runners Romanova and Nautique. It was anyone’s game to win, and it sure has played out that way.

Kari Nautique shot up from the tail end of the competition with another rock star set of picks that nearly matched the yield of her first round at bat. Prime pick, Detroit Tigers pitcher Max Scherzer, landed the buxom blonde a neat 35.8 points—the largest single-player points allotment of the competition, handily winning her this final contest and placing her in the danger zone for Bryce at a total of 217.5 Total Fantasy Points.

Elena Romanova, our most consistent player until now (and the girl we thought stood the best chance to steal the lead), lost steam completely and phoned in the lowest-scoring set of picks of the games. Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia performed solidly for Romanova, but it wasn’t enough to lift her roster above her opponents’. Romanova comes in third with 193.55 Total Fantasy Points.

And what we saw as inconsistency before turned in her favor as Jade Bryce managed to pull in almost exactly as many points in round three as she swung in the second. It was a tight one for the Bellator Ring Girl, but her picks allowed her to squeak by Nautique by a mere four points, for 222.45 Total Fantasy Points. And thus, a winner was born!

Congratulations to Jade Bryce, the and DraftKings Fantasy Sports Girl! You can expect to see more of her but for now, check out one of her sexiest pictorials below.



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