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Three films Nicole Kidman Stripped Down For
  • October 02, 2011 : 19:10
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We reminisce about three very hot and sexy films Nicole Kidman shed her clothes for or, in some cases, went full- on nude in the name of cinema.

Dead Calm

Not only was this a risqué role to play due to the nature of the film, the sex scene between Nicole Kidman and a young Billy Zane get pretty hot and heavy. At some points it seems like they are both toying with the idea of tearing each other’s clothes off, something which we’d never be upset about.

Eyes Wide Shut

We don’t mean to sound oversexed, but Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman having unadulterated movie sex is one of the best parts of Stanley Kubrick’s final film. There’s nothing hotter than watching two of the biggest stars go at it on the big screen, except if it's not the married couple having sex, but a Kidman fantasy . Even if you are irked by the idea of watching the two of them go at it, there are a ton of other sexy women that are comepletely naked for you to look at as well.

Moulin Roguge!

Nicole Kidman’s characters always seem to catch the eye of the hottest leading men in film, and her 2001 film Moulin Rouge is no different than the rest. Not only do we get to see Nicole Kidman in some of the sexiest pieces of clothing, we also get to watch her prerform the hottest dances we’ve ever seen an A-Lister preformdo. Oh yeah, and at some point she gets naked, too, which, after all of the teasing she does throughout the film, puts your brain into overload.

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  • Anonymous
    Very good. i like this
  • Roy Martel
    Roy Martel
    Nicole after looking at all the photos of you ,and thats alot. and watching these films of you.i have gone from thinking you were a great actress but that;s it, i never really found you my i can;t get enough of you, its unreal for me to change my mind ,but i want you so bad, to the point were i wish if for ever reason that you ever came to montreal i would actually go see you ,i never do things like that ,there is nobody alive that i spend anytime on ,the only one was Elvis but i have these strong feelings for you