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2013 Top Party Schools
  • September 29, 2013 : 15:09
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Ahh, the joys of college in a tropical climate. Let us count the ways: bikinis, beaches and students as hot as the weather. Tallahassee has one of the largest fraternity systems in the country, and with Alabama and Georgia within driving distance, mingling with other Southern belles is an option. What’s more, Florida State isn’t nearly as academically rigorous as the University of Florida. Translation: More time to day drink.

Longhorns can choose to carouse in the packed bars of historic Sixth Street or plunge into the disaster area of West Campus, where fraternities and sororities stand alongside student housing thanks to a beautifully reckless zoning decision. Plus, Austin’s eccentricities keep things interesting. There’s more progressive culture and wondrous barbecue than you can shake a rib at. For a springtime taste of UT at its most unhinged, visit during Roundup, the largest Greek event of the year. It’s pandemonium mixed with Texas pride. Beware and be prepared—things really are bigger and better in the Lone Star State.

Baton Rouge isn’t New Orleans, but consider that a plus. On a typical night here you can choose among Tigerland bars, downtown’s classier offerings and a plethora of house parties. Sure, French Quarter chaos is only 90 minutes away, but Bourbon Street doesn’t have Tiger football. Need more reasons? Fat Tuesday comes only once a year, but you’ll enjoy many weekends of lawless tailgating at LSU.

Georgia offers robust tailgating, a crowded bar scene, first-rate live music and a campus that’s 60 percent female. As the Athens locals say, if you love Southern women (and we’ll throw in the food and football to boot), raise your glasses. To the rest, raise your standards.

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