Tech Watch: iPad & Apple TV

By Staff

We give you the low down on today's product launches from Apple.

With its typical Apple event fanfare, the secretive tech mogul (and world’s most valuable company) launched its newest must-have devices this afternoon: an updated 4G iPad and the undated Apple TV set top device (read: Apple TiVo)

Speculation in recent weeks has ranged from projection devices to an announcement of a much-rumored Apple-built television set (said to be foreshadowed in Walter Isaacson’s biography of late co-founder Steve Jobs). The air cleared just over a week ago as the media invites went out featuring an iPad image and the tagline: “We have something you really have to see.” Here’s our breakdown of the updates:

Courtesy of Apple

Product: The new iPad (creative, yes? – we’ll still call it the iPad 3, just saying)

Wi-Fi: 16GB ($499), 32GB ($599), 64GB ($699)

Wi-Fi + 4G LTE: 16GB ($629), 32GB ($729), 64GB ($829) - (upgraded from 3G)

Display Quality: High-resolution Retina (2048-by-1536-pixels at 264 ppi) – (same resolution as iPhone 4S)

Chip: A5X (approximately 4 times faster than the iPad 2)

Colors: Black + White

US Carriers: AT&T + Verizon

Bluetooth: 4.0 (upgraded from 2.1)

iSight (back) camera: 5MP

Auto focus, tap to focus, Video recording HD (1080p) – (upgraded from 720p) Video stabilizing (new feature)

FaceTime (front) camera: VGA quality (0.3MP is still not great though)

Verdict: It looks nice, performs faster, and shoots higher quality; but still not worth ditching your laptop for at these prices.


To check out the Apple TV update, click below.

Courtesy of Apple

Product: Apple TV aka. Apple TV HD - (continuity is always useful - except for the fact Apple will have some problems when the actual Apple TV comes out)

Resolution: 1080p - (upgraded from 720p - bring on more expensive iTunes, Netflix, etc. shows and movies)

Connectivity: Apple’s Cloud wireless virtual content system allows for streaming between all of your Apple devices using AirPlay

Color: Black - (who really needs a colorful set-top box anyway)

Controller: Use your aforementioned iPod, iPad, or iPhone using Remote App

Price: $99

Verdict: If you already have the other members in the Apple family. The price point is decent for the features it offers.


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