#TuesdayTease: February 18th 2014

By Playboy.com Staff

<p>Brighten your day with the girls of #TuesdayTease<br></p>

We can hardly believe that Playboy.com just celebrated our 20th anniversary. The internet has sure changed in 20 years; nobody was talking about “social media” when we first started and Twitter wasn’t even a blip on the horizon. Thankfully for us, and you, somebody somewhere had the great idea to create a platform for 140-character messages and somebody else thought, “Hey, let’s let hot women post their photos, too.” And thus, #TuesdayTease was born.

In our newest franchise, every Tuesday our Cybergirls, Playmates and sexiest fans tweet their hottest photos for your viewing pleasure.

Want in on the fun? Tweet your photo or Vine to @PlayboyDotCom using the hashtag #TuesdayTease and we’ll post the best photos here.

And catch up on last week’s Tuesday Tease here.

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