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Turntable Talk with Summer Altice: Dj Jessica Who
  • July 25, 2012 : 13:07
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Altice: Do you feel you have to work twice as hard to prove your skills in the male-dominated world of deejaying?

Who: I don't really see deejaying so much as a male vs. female field anymore. I see it as educated vs. non-educated. I think the informed have to work together to preserve the standards of the art that we value, to protect it from deterioration at the hands of those who don't really value it, or who see it as the new trend. Those who really care about it will still be there when everyone else moves on to the next big thing. 

In any case, I believe DJs deejay for other DJs. Obviously, I always try to do the best job I can, especially technically. If I have to play music I don't necessarily love, my creativity or enjoyment of it has to shine though in a technical aspect. But I definitely try step my game up more if I’m deejaying for people I really respect, especially other DJs I look up to.

Altice: What advice would you have for a young female DJ that wants to follow in your footsteps?

Who: I think it would be the same advice for any young DJ. I know it's hard when you're young and you're really excited about something, but take a second to evaluate your motives. Make sure you're in it for the long haul, because if you're doing it right, it's very time- and brain-consuming. You probably will have to work a little harder as a female when you're first starting out. Don't let anyone take advantage of you.  

Altice: What are your thoughts on people like Paris Hilton trying to deejay?

Who: It doesn't matter that she's rich and famous; it's just another person who saw it as a fun trend and jumped on it. I think the more dangerous ones are the people whose motives aren't as transparent and appear potentially sincere. I think everyone thought “It's about time” when she decided to deejay; it was somewhat inevitable with the way things were going, and I wish her luck in her blossoming DJ career. I don't waste time worrying about it; she's not taking any money from me.

Altice: Where are your current residencies?

Who: I'm at LIV on Wednesdays with the awesome DJ Ross One, and Pangaea in the Hard Rock once a month. Other than that, I get to travel like crazy, which is exhausting but amazing. Coming to you live from Hong Kong as we speak!

Altice: If you could tell your 12-year-old self anything, what would you say?

Who: It's not the end of the world. I was a pretty introspective, anxious kid. Everything seems dramatic when you have no adult frame of reference.
Altice: Coming from a gorgeous woman like yourself, what cities have the hottest women?

Who: Miami, obviously! Miami has very obviously hot, confident women. And New York too, which has a more understated, cool hotness.

Altice: What is your dream gig?

Who: Honestly, it doesn't have to be the most spectacular party ever. My dream gig is a party where I can do no wrong. Where I can literally play all the music I’ve ever loved, and have people absolutely raging right along with me. It's a really good feeling.

Altice: You deejayed Playboy’s Super Bowl party this last February in Indy…Is a Playboy party the ultimate gig?

Who: That was such a fun party. There were girls hanging from the rafters. Literally. It was a really classy, sexy, well-organized event, and I got to play really good music, which is always a plus. Ne-Yo performed a full show, which was amazing. Playboy is the ultimate in playful fun. Only they could pull off a party like that.

Like I said, she is not only talented, but also eloquent, smart and an all-around great example to all women that you can have it all. Please check her out at

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