Turntable Talk with Summer Altice: DJ Serafin

By Summer Altice

Playmate Summer Altice checks out one of the hottest DJ’s in LA

I first met DJ Serafin in 2006 at a small club in Venice, California. I was interested in deejaying at the time so I went up to him and started chatting. He was really nice and gave me his card and said, “If you need any help, gimme a shout.” Two years later, I showed up for work one night and I was opening for DJ Serafin! We became fast friends and have worked together on numerous occasions since then. Serafin is one of the top song remixers around, in my opinion, and is constantly out there rocking clubs. I asked him a few questions, and given his open mind to the growing changes to our craft, I knew you’d like to hear what he has to say.

Summer Altice: You have become one of the top remixers in the U.S.; do you feel that has helped your deejaying?

Serafin: Oh wow, I didn’t know that, really? [Laughs] Yes…I think so, it's definitely nice to play your versions of songs when deejaying, I think it's what sets us apart as DJs.

Altice: Who do you look up to?

Serafin: Z-Trip is one of the DJs I really look up to. He stayed true to what he does and is able to rock festivals and clubs at the same time.

Altice: How did you get started as a DJ?

Serafin: As a kid I always messed with my grandfather's turntables; there's just something about that phonograph that I was drawn to. My uncle showed me how to mix on 1200s when I was 12 and I got hooked.

Altice: What are some of your favorite gigs ever?

Serafin: There’s a lot, there's always something interesting at every gig. I’d have to say when I played at Drexel University in Philly with Sean Paul and Jay Sean in front of 5000 kids; it's such an indescribable rush.

Altice: Favorite recent ones?

Serafin: When I got my first international bookings...I get paid to see the world? Now that is something you can't complain about.

Altice: What is your all-time favorite record?

Serafin: I have to say every track on Michael Jackson's Thriller...that whole album is timeless. 

Altice: What do you expect from newer DJs?

Serafin: Know where deejaying came from. Start from the root and go from there. With all the technology nowadays, everybody seems to be a DJ!

Altice: If you could tell your 14-year-old self something, what would it be?

Serafin: Always listen to your mother! Mothers always knows best. And don't be in a hurry to grow up.

Altice: What advice do you have for someone who wants to be a DJ?

Serafin: Respect the art of deejaying, know where it came from. Find your sound and hone your craft.

Altice: Where are the hottest women?

Serafin: California girls are unforgettable. Wish they all could be California girls...

Altice: Who is your favorite Playmate?

Serafin: Who do you think? Summer Altice, of course!

Altice: I ask this question to everyone that I interview. Do you feel the digital advances in technology have hurt or helped the world of deejaying?

Serafin: I think it helped a lot; you have to embrace technology and not depend on it. It gave us tools to use, no more record crates to haul around, cue points while using turntables, looping…

What is deejaying? Is it how you scratch on turntables? Is it knowing how to mix? Is it reading your crowd and rocking it with all you got? Or is it all image and how long you can fist pump? I think deejaying is different from everybody's perspective...I say more power to all, as long as you get the job done!

And as far as MIDIs, well…That’s a whole new topic. Can someone rock a party using MIDIs? Yes they can, that's why you are there: to play music. Now, if you ask, “Is using MIDIs deejaying?” I say, yes! You are still in control of the crowd.

Did I answer your question? [Laughs] 

Altice: How hard is it to balance your family life and your work?

Serafin: It takes a lot of sacrifices; it’s pretty hard at first, but it gets better. It’s [the same as] every career, I think.

Altice: What do you have coming up this month?

Serafin: My Power 106 Jump Off Mix will air this month; I'm back in Florida again, from St. Pete to Orlando to Clearwater. Then I have the Bay, San Fran to San Jose. Then I have my residency at the W in Westwood (Whiskey Blue) Serafin Fridays...Jakarta, Indonesia…Then Camp Spin Off, the first and only DJ Camp in the world; I look forward to that every year. I'm one of the instructors there, and it’s a blast seeing the kids go crazy about deejaying.

Serafin is always busy working hard and has tons coming up. It’s the sign of a great DJ. He rocks a show like no other and I strongly recommend you try to catch him in a city near you…not only because he’s my friend, but because I’m a fan.

For more information on DJ Serafin, including tour dates, go to www.djserafin.com  and www.freakonomix.com or follow him on Twitter @djserafin.

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