Turntable Talk with Summer Altice: DJ Tina T

By Summer Altice

Playmate Summer Altice talks to DJ Tina T on what it’s like for a woman to work in the industry.

Born and raised in Seattle, W.A., DJ Tina T headed out to Los Angeles after graduating from Washington State University. She made her first impression in Los Angeles by becoming a finalist in the DJ battle hosted by the number one hip-hop radio station Power 106 FM and the world-famous Big Boy in the Morning Show before taking home the gold in LA Weekly’s first ever DJ Spin Off battle. After 13 years’ experience, she is shattering the world of deejaying. Oh, and did I mention she was voted best female DJ in Las Vegas for the last three years? I am happy to introduce you to a female DJ I look up to…DJ Tina T.

Altice: When did you start deejaying?

Tina T: When I was 15.

Altice: Do you find it hard to be a woman in our business?

Tina T: I think there are a lot of double standards, as there are with most male-dominated industries. We have to carry ourselves differently in public and be much more aware of how we present ourselves to get respect. But overall, I don't think deejaying is any harder for a woman than a man. In fact, I think more doors are opened for women; we just need the skills to back it up.

Altice: What are some of your favorite gigs?

Tina T: F1 Racing, any Red Bull event and pretty much anything that is packed, with a crowd with tons of energy.

Altice: What equipment do you use?

Tina T: Two Technics 1200s, Rane TTM57 mixer, Serato with a Macbook Pro, Skullcandy or Pioneer headphones and a Shure M-447 needle. I also use Ableton to record mix CDs, make edits and remixes.

Altice: What do you have coming up?

Tina T: I'm leaving for Asia to deejay in Jakarta, Indonesia and Singapore. I'm also excited to be living in NYC part-time for the winter. I have also started to work on Camp Spin Off 2013, which is a DJ summer camp for teenagers ages 13 to 17 that want to learn how to deejay and produce music in Ojai, C.A.

Altice: How has the digital age changed your life in regards to deejaying?

Tina T: My arms are not as buff from carrying crates of records to all of my gigs. I was forced to become a computer nerd and very tech savvy. Instead of digging in crates at the record store, I now spend my time clicking download every day, searching the internet and trading online.

Altice: Who are some of your favorite DJs?

Tina T: DJ AM, Mix Master Mike, DJ Craze, DJ Riz and Donald Glaude.

Altice: If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?

Tina T: My single status.

DJ Tina T is holding down a residency every Friday night at Las Vegas’ newest nightclub, Marquee in the Cosmopolitan Hotel. She is also preparing for the second year of her passion project, Camp Spin Off. Founded by Tina in 2010, it is the only sleepaway summer camp for young teens that inspires and teaches them how to deejay (www.campspinoff.com).

Be sure to catch her at a venue near you.





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