Turntable Talk with Summer Altice: Surviving Vegas

By Summer Altice

A DJ gig at a topless bar? Playmate Summer Altice takes us behind the scenes.

It’s always a fun time when I deejay in Vegas, but this time I had two of my best friends with me, so I knew it was going to be amazing. Add in that it was iHeartRadio concert weekend and I was deejaying at Bare Pool, a topless/adult pool, and BAM! You have a trifecta of fun!

I met my best friend Tiffany bright and early at LAX on Saturday. Morning flights are usually not my thing, but we had exactly 24 hours till we had to be back home so it was our only option. We landed in Vegas at 10 A.M., and Ariel Xaubet from Light Group met us at the airport and swept us off to the Mirage Hotel. We checked in and immediately went downstairs to hit the buffet! OMG...buffets in Vegas rock! I overheard a guy say to his wife, once he grabbed his plate, "See you in 10,000 calories." That pretty much sums it up.

I was scheduled to go on at two P.M. so I started getting ready around noon. Bare Pool is a sexy place, so I got dolled up and started to pack my gear. Then our friend Jill, who lives in Vegas, came and met us, and we all headed down to the pool.

I left my girls to their tanning and relaxing and I went to the DJ booth to rock out a solid two-hour open format set. It was packed, and I might add, there were plenty of topless women. Hey, when in Rome!...uh, Vegas, I mean. A big thank-you to DJ Que for opening for me, then closing down the day. After my set we hung out with Ari and a few guests and then made our way up to the room to get ready and refresh for our dinner at Stack.

After dinner we met up with my dear friends Richie Akiva and Scott Sartiano from 1 OAK Nightclub. I've known these guys for almost 12 years, and now they own the hottest club in Vegas. I couldn't be more proud.

We went from 1 OAK to TAO late night to see my friend and fellow DJ Vice, then back to the room at five A.M. We got in a one-hour nap, said good-bye to Jill and hopped in a cab.

Nothing is more difficult than going through security and getting on a plane with one hour of sleep…but it was Vegas, and I was with my best friends, so I rallied, knowing once I got home, I had Sunday to rest.

Another amazing gig/trip on the books. I'd like to give a big thank-you to The Light Group, Ariel Xaubet, 1 OAK nightclub, Richie Akiva, Scott Sartiano, Eli Pacino, The Mirage Las Vegas and, of course, everyone who showed up and partied with me at Bare Pool. Can't wait to do it again at my next Vegas gig: October 27th at The Haunted Hotel Ball in Mandalay Bay. I'll rest up now, I guess…

About the Author:

Playmate Summer Altice first graced Playboy magazine pages in 2000. Since then there has been no stopping the multi-talented Altice: actress, model, business owner and for over six years, popular DJ. Much in demand for her Dj skills, Altice currently travels the world playing shows. To book her for your next event please visit summeraltice.com. Make sure to follow her on Twitter @SummerAltice.


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