Turntable Talk with Summer Altice: Three Gigs In 24 Hours

By Summer Altice

Three gigs in less than 24 hours; Playmate Summer Altice shows us what her DJ life is really like.

Well, here is a little tale of my gigs. This past weekend, I was asked to deejay the Arlington Million horse race VIP lounge in Illinois on Saturday. Since I was in the Chicago area anyway, my East Coast booking agent booked me a gig Friday night, and another Saturday night. I never thought it would be a breeze, but man, was it a lot harder than I thought it would be.

Friday morning started off with what was almost a disaster. My cab was in a minor fender bender, so I ended up missing my flight. Panicked, I called the airline and got the most amazing lady on the phone, who changed me to the next flight and wished me a better rest of the day.

When I finally touched down in Chicago it was a long drive to Joliet, where I would be staying at Harrah’s Casino for the next two days. Once I arrived, I had time to eat and change, then get ready to go rock Murphy's Pub in Rockford. It was a two-hour drive from Joliet…at least I could get a little bit of sleep before I arrived.

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Murphy's was your classic Irish pub, with a twist: a dance floor and an amazing packed house. The only problem was they didn’t read my tech rider and only had CDJs, which I’m fighting ever having to use — I love turntables and always will. They tried to scramble and get some, but I ended up having to grin and bear it and use the CDJs. I played till two A.M. and then got cozy for my ride back to the hotel. Two hours of sleep in a car…not the most restful!

When I got back to my room around four A.M., I immediately went to bed. Since I had to be up, ready and looking sharp for my trip to my next gig at one P.M., I didn't get much sleep. But the show must go on, so I pushed through.

I arrived at the racetrack and couldn't believe my eyes! This racetrack is huge! Twice the size of Del Mar in San Diego. It was gorgeous! I made my way through the crowds and up to the fourth-floor VIP lounge, tricked out with floor-to-ceiling glass windows to see the track, air conditioning and a buffet that would rival the best in Vegas! I shared DJ duties with Dante The Don and DJ Gus Karas. Dante is a good friend and we've done a few events together in the past so it was fun catching up. I bet on a few races but didn't win much — I'm a much better DJ than gambler!

At around 5:30 I was back in my Town Car headed back to Joliet, where my last gig of the trip awaited that evening.

Samy's Party Bar is definitely a party bar. With a dance floor and club inside and beer pong, beanbags and a dunk tank in the outside section, it’s a unique spot. At this point in the trip my feet were the worse for wear, so I donned flats and a sexy LTR Brands dress (my usual go-to designer) and rocked Samy's in my own unique way. I played a very eclectic set, considering the eclectic crowd, and had a blast.

Finally back at my hotel at 3:30 A.M., I packed and lay down for a few minutes until my six A.M. pickup for my eight A.M. flight. Like my good friend DJ Vice says, "Late nights and early flights…the life of a DJ."

I'm safe and sound back in L.A., tired but happy. I had a great weekend and got to deejay some great new places.

Thanks to Global Adrenaline, Tommy Z productions and Harrah's Joliet for all your work to make the weekend go without any problems. And thanks to all those that came out to dance and listen to me deejay...you all rocked!

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Playmate Summer Altice first graced Playboy magazine pages in 2000. Since then there has been no stopping the multi-talented Altice: actress, model, business owner and for over six years, popular DJ. Much in demand for her Dj skills, Altice currently travels the world playing shows. To book her for your next event please visit summeraltice.com. Make sure to follow her on Twitter @SummerAltice.


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