How To Be The Ultimate Gentleman: Redhook Beer & Aokify America

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<p>Redhook Winter Beer, Steve Aokify tickets, & BetaBrand Pinstripe Dress Pant Sweatpants are this week's must-haves. </p>

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It’s hard to believe that Seattle’s Redhook has launched its 29th version of Winterhook brew. If you’re not aware, each year the beer is released it follows a completely different recipe, and this year definitely takes the cake so far. 

“After brewing a unique recipe each year for nearly three decades, Winterhook has become a seasonal tradition,” explained Redhook’s brand manager Karmen Olson. “Our 29th recipe is a great cold weather beer for the living room, the lounge or the lodge.” 

Expect lots of hops, rich notes and a warm finish. Don’t want the cold weather to ever end? Celebrate all year by purchasing one of their Winterhook beer cozies!

Larger-than-life DJ Steve Aoki is taking his cake-throwing antics on the road under the banner of the Aokify America Tour. The famed DJ will be spinning alongside dubstep artist Borgore, Pharrell and more. Check out Aoki’s latest track“Bring You to Life" on YouTube to see what you’ll be missing. Dates and accompanying guests can be found at 

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The 21st century may be a disappointment to those who believed we’d be zooming around via personal jetpacks and getting massages from our robot servants. But the Betabrand Pinstripe Dress Pant Sweatpants are the technological breakthrough we’ve personally always dreamed of. 

These chic, straight-legged trousers look exactly like formal wool dress pants and are appropriate for looking good both in the office and out on the town. The amazingness truly starts when you put them on: They’re actually secret sweatpants! As soft, as comfortable and as fun to wear as your hanging-around-the-pad sweats.

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Are you holding on to a set of beautiful-sounding and beautiful-looking speakers and are you wishing you can play your extensive digital music collection through them? Bring the awesome home stereo tech of the past into the present with the Vamp Bluetooth Stereo Adapter. 

Simply attach the stylish Vamp Cube to any stereo and you can stream music to the speaker from your smartphone, tablet or computer. It’s also great for creating an excellent portable music setup—grab any speaker and haul it along with the Vamp to listen wherever you want, be it the den, the deck or a hangout in the park with your pals.

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