How to Be the Ultimate Gentleman: Gin, Tony Gonzalez & Fried Chicken

By Staff

<p>Where to find Chicago's best chicken, Tony Gonzalez gets you fit & Bombay Sapphire makes the ultimate bar caddy.<br></p>

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If you’re in Chicago and you’re craving fried chicken and a sun-soaked, packed patio, head on down to Parson’s Chicken & Fish. Recently spearheaded by the Land and Sea Dept. production studio, this restaurant has quickly become one of the best places in town to grab some wings, oysters and other delicious fried foods despite just opening its doors a few months ago.

At this point in the game, you should be beach body ready. But if you’re trying to shed those pesky last five pounds after your July 4th binge bonanza, we have just the thing: Atlanta Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez’ get fit app. “The app truly is a dynamic, immersive and inspirational way to help guys reach their health and fitness goals,” explained Gonzalez. “Health is my personal passion and I worked closely with FitStar to put together a highly effective yet totally customizable program from my personal exercise routines. And we’re in it together, it’s like I’m there with you. We’re going through this together. It’s the perfect fitness app for any guy looking to get fit.”

Need to show your boss who’s really the boss? Feel the sudden urge to throw down with a colleague at the bar? Comedian and 30 Rock star Judah Friedlander has laid out exactly what you need to know in his surprisingly inspirational karate book, How to Beat Up Anybody. “How to Beat Up Anybody is the greatest book in karate history,” Friedlander explained over an impromptu karate lesson. “It can only be used for justice and not for evil. If someone evil gets ahold of it, the book will teach them incorrect technique. Every gentleman should get a copy of this rough book. I also recommend this book to every woman. There is a chapter called ‘For Women Only’ which teaches self-defence techniques that only work for females. And it is written in a language that only women can understand.” Be sure to catch Friedlander at the JFL festival in Montreal from July 22nd to 27th.

The gin experts over at Bombay Sapphire have teamed up with design firm AvroKO to create the best branded product we’ve ever seen: The Gin Wheel. “The Gin Wheel’s unique design marries style, history and superior functionality for the revival of the classic cocktail—the Gin & Tonic.” This lazy Susan hybrid is the perfect addition to your bar, even if it’s one of your first pieces, thanks to the high-quality bar tools, glassware, removable cutting boards and coasters that come along with it. The piece is currently available for preorder on for $500 and is set to ship in early August.

A peculiar thing has been happening lately in the craft beer industry: it seems that breweries are more open to canning their beers as opposed to sticking strictly to bottles. Canuck brewers Whistler Brewing Company have designed a travel pack filled with 12 delicious craft beers of their three biggest selling brews, Powder Mountain Lager, Whiskey Jack Ale and Paradise Valley Grapefruit Ale, perfect for those

days off when you end up slaving over the barbeque.


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