Ultimate Gentleman: NY Oktoberfest & Flying Dog Ale Pumpkin Beer

By Playboy.com Staff

<p>Your ultimate guide to Oktoberfest in NYC, our favorite fall brew & what you need to crack it open with.<br></p>

Photo by Pixonomy (Flickr). CC BY-ND 2.0.

As your friends who are quick to imbibe have already told you, the season of Oktoberfest is upon us. If you’re too far from the real action in Munich, there are a lot of ways to celebrate in your hometown. Unfortunately, around this time a lot of not-so-great establishments like to publicize that they too are getting in on the action. If you live in NYC, the be-all and end-all of foodie blogs, eater.com, has compiled the ultimate guide to Oktoberfest in New York City that features 12 of the best places to visit from now through the first week of October. We’ll be spending the majority of our time in Brooklyn at Radegast Hall & Biergarten until October 5, attending their Saturday beer tastings, pig roasts and hopefully winning at least one of their mug holding competitions.

Photo by sitkasurfboards.com.

Ready for one last boys’ weekend before the leaves fall? Montana’s own Stonefly Studio has collaborated with apparel company Sitka to create a beautiful handmade wooden box (which bears the engraving “Castin’ flies and tellin’ lies) filled with 10 custom hand-tied flies for $130. Get yours in the Sitka store now.

Dark Energy

It’s hard to remember a world without the power of Mophie Packs, but we think this next battery extender will be the shifting point in how we use our phones. The concept is the same, but the Dark Energy Reservoir is lighter, 40 percent thinner, includes an AC wall adapter and has about 2000 mAh more charging capacity than Mophie, as well as the ability to charge both the device and your phone at the same time. Plus the case is way more attractive in our opinion and makes the Mophie look incredibly clunky. You can buy your own Dark Energy Reservoir for $128 in black or white; it’s compatible with almost every popular device on the market.

Fall always reminds us of artisanal beer. Maybe it’s because we’re spending more time on the couch watching the beginning of football and hockey season, or maybe it’s just because everyone loves to throw spices and pumpkin into the mix. Whatever it is, we’re okay with it. Our favorite beer this year has to be from Flying Dog Brewery. Their pumpkin ale, called “The Fear,” has the flavors that we look for in fall ale without the sickly sweet additives that too often accompany pumpkin and spices. Make no mistake, the spices are strong, but the pumpkin, brown sugar and caramel make it a well-rounded brew. Buy now at FlyingDog.com. Photo by Flying Dog.

Photo by fortstandard.com.

We believe a man should always be prepared for whatever life throws at him, even if it’s a cold one. We’ve seen a lot of tacky beer bottle openers floating around the web lately, but we’ve finally found one that’s worthy of a spot in our front pocket. Contemporary industrial design studio Fort Standard has brought their “warm-contemporary aesthetic” to the bar with their Crest Bottle Openers. The solid brass pieces go for about $60, come in a variety of styles and have been “designed to use a minimal amount of material.” Shop for them on the Fort Standards store.


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