Ultimate Gentleman: Umami Mart, Pharrell & This is Ground

By Vanessa Butler

<p>The things you need to indulge, please and be seen this week. </p>

Let’s just get this out of the way: yes, this speaker looks like a sperm and it even shares some of the gamete’s attributes. For one, its tail can loop, twist and snake around pretty much anything to mount whatever it wants to. Second, it’s waterproof and can be immersed in up to a meter of water (but only for 30 minutes) when it’s wearing its flashy tail. When you remove the tail there’s a suction cup that can be attached to a flat surface to pump up its bass. Obviously, that last quality isn’t spermlike. In any case, this makes for a pretty stellar Bluetooth speaker to bring with you wherever you please. We were hooked up with one and could not believe the sound that came out of the petite speaker. With a two-hour charge it’ll give you about eight hours of full volume playback or, if you’re listening to it at half volume, it’ll go for about 16. Buy yours now for $60 at BoomMovement.com.

Having your bar well stocked is only half the battle; having an arsenal to back up your high-end liquors is a must. Oakland, California’s Umami Mart has curated the perfect bartender’s deluxe toolkit “fit for a bar king, or queen!” This nine-item toolkit has everything you need to bring your cocktails to the next level. From jiggers and a Ninomiya crystal mixing glass to a bitters bottle, you’ll be set to host either a party or a late-night caller. Find it on UmamiMart.com.

Until the day we all have self-charging laptops, smartphones and tablets, we’re stuck with those god-awful cords while we travel. A cord holder isn’t exactly groundbreaking, but having one that combines style, affordability and usefulness is something you don’t see every day. This is Ground have developed the “Cordito,” which holds up to three cables and two plugs (even international plugs). The leather wrap comes in many shades and goes for $40. Find your perfect match at ThisIsGround.com.

Photo by: Arash Moallemi

Pharrell Williams and his Mountie hat took the 2014 Grammys by storm, and now his highly acclaimed exhibition “This Is Not a Toy” will make its way across the border into Canada at the Toronto Design Exchange Museum. The exhibition runs until May 19 and includes designer vinyl figures from some of the most famous artists, including Stüssy, Frank Kozik, DOMA and Comme Des Garçons. Get the intel at dx.com.

Just because the Super Bowl has come and gone doesn’t mean you have to stifle your urge to root for your team. Homers Fan-Made Apparel have come out with some rather cheeky T-shirts that do just that: rub your team pride in everyone’s faces. We’re partial to the “World Champs, Boss” tee that goes for only 20 bucks. If football isn’t your forte, why not slide into their “Pornogriffey” shirt which celebrates Ken Griffey Jr.’s sweetest stroke in the universe? Find them on HomersApparel.com.


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