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Up in Smoke: Mistress Vacation
  • July 10, 2012 : 15:07
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If you’re looking to hook up, pack your bags and head to an all-inclusive resort. May we suggest Lupita Island, Tanzania? According to one survey conducted by the dating travel site, over 40% of participants under the age of 30 admitted to having a one-night stand while on vacation. Those odds are pretty good, aren’t they?

Of the women who participated, another 10% admitted to having five or more sexual partners while on vacation. Surprisingly, those who admitted to having a one-night stand said that they are more likely to take part in one while they are vacationing and would never have one in their day-to-day life.

The 30,000 women who were polled may be a bit biased since it’s a dating travel site, but who can say that they’ve never felt a bit frisky after one too many piña coladas at the pool?

Have you ever had a vacation fling? Tell us your story below!

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