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Up in Smoke: What Women Want
  • July 17, 2013 : 07:07
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Of all the things we want to know about sex, what women want is the most invaluable knowledge. Sure, we could learn a thing or two about why beer drinkers like to hook up or why sexting is inevitable, but learning to please a woman in bed is the best thing every man can learn. With the help of our eye candy, we list some of our favorite facts about what makes women tick.

There have been many studies on female desire, and there are a few that make us wonder. One study discovered that many women are more sexually drawn to men in red (lucky you 49ers!), another theorized that women are more adventurous in bed when they are horny (totally agree with that) and a third noticed strong search engine correlations that led them to believe that most women want to have more sex during the early summer months. There’s a lot more to learn, so get scrolling!

International Model: Monika Pietrasinska - Women want more sex during the summer months

International Model: April Summers – Wine drinkers have a higher sense of sexual desire

Cybergirl: Erika Knight – Women like kissing

Cybergirl: Jackie Dawn – Wear red, go to bed

Cybergirl: Kimberly KisselovichHorny women are more adventurous

Cybergirl: Sarah Marie – Women get frisky during vacations

International Model: Thessa Gierer – More foreplay, more orgasms

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