Ultimate Gentleman: Vesta Toppings & Jean-Claude Van Damme

By Playboy.com Staff

<p>Catch Jean-Claude Van Damme's newest film, <i>Welcome to the Jungle,</i> coming to select theaters February 7. </p>

Jean-Claude Van Damme is back in the comedy Welcome to the Jungle starring Adam Brody, Kristen Schaal and Rob Huebel. “The cast was a lot of fun, and I liked a chance to send up the action genre,” explained Van Damme over a few exchanged e-mails. “There have been comedy elements in my prior films, but in this case, I liked the script and the timing was right.” We asked him if he enjoyed working with a team of comedians instead of action superstars and he said, “See, I only realized they were comedians after we finished filming, my agent said they were the next generation of action stars.” I guess some of the funny rubbed off on him! Catch Welcome to the Jungle in select theaters and VOD February 7th.

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The renowned food enthusiasts at Eater.com have put together an extensive list of the 15 places to grab a pint of homebrew in Houston. Funny how this one dropped right before the Super Bowl! All the places on this map are known for cranking out great eats, too, so you won’t have to settle for some soggy Chex Mix at the bar. Might we suggest the smoked duck at Moon Tower Inn? Check out all of the hot spots here: Houston.Eater.com

While putting pen to paper is becoming extinct in the workplace, Word is attempting to keep the act alive with their unique bullet point notebooks. These handsome 3.5 by 5.5-inch notepads come in a variety of designs and go for $10 for a pack of three. We think they’re worthy of your business meeting. Check out the designs here: WordNotebooks.com.

Introducing the original dry hot sauce. And by “original,” we mean it’s the only one. Founded by avid chili and spicy food enthusiast Ben Tuorto in 2007, Benny T’s Vesta dry hot sauce is the perfect thing to (carefully) dust over your favorite meals to kick it up a notch. We can’t wait to keep a few bottles of this by the barbecue this summer! Benny T’s Vesta comes in three heat levels and goes for only $7 a bottle, making it the perfect addition to your culinary arsenal. Buy your own here: VestaToppings.com.

We don’t care who you’re rooting for this Super Bowl Sunday, but God damn it, you better look good doing it. If you’re not sitting in the stands, please keep the body paint at home! Enlist sports apparel legends Mitchell & Ness to properly dress you for this year’s match between the Seahawks and Broncos. Check out their NFL jerseys and accessories here: MitchellandNess.com.

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