The Best of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012

By Michael J. Lockhart

We've got the play-by-play of last night's smoking hot fashion show and our thoughts on the world's most beautiful runway models.

As anticipated as the Midsummer Night’s Dream Party at the Playboy Mansion is for us, the annual soiree of parading supermodels that is the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is a spectacle that most self-respecting men don’t dare to miss each December.

Whether it’s an excuse for picking out your better half’s present or pretending the game is on, the VSFS is a holiday all on its own. Check out some of the highlights below as well as some of the, ahem, more visual aspects of the show.

10:01 It’s an Angel role call! Welcome, ladies! 

10:05 Five minutes in and we’ve seen a Princess Leia–style silver bikini, a giant dartboard costume that looks like Ms. Captain America and Miranda Kerr is growing a green hedge…

10:07 Set change one is pulling us backstage. We’ve got some one-on-one time with Alessandra, Erin, Doutzen and Lindsay gushing about Adriana Lima’s superhot Super Bowl commercial. We’re inclined to agree.

10:08  A look behind the scenes at each of the angels’ international shoots.

10:09 Rihanna makes her entrance. Pearl-rimmed dark circular glasses are an interesting touch. Guess it’s to keep the girls from getting jealous over which one she’s favoring. 

10:10 Major corsets onstage—props to the white with black laces which only covers the front and back. That slip of skin is terrific.

10:14 Behind-the-scenes with the designers who create the outfits, and which are designed for specific girls.

10:17 We’ve got some Bruno Mars going on. “Locked out of Heaven” starts while Erin’s costume starts coming apart…guess no Uncle Sam top hat? 

10:20 Mars and company have started making their way down the runway, with instruments…coinciding with the bathing suit outfit’s straw hat covering her bra…can we just take it off? The hat, that is…

10:27 International angels are raving about  “Bieber Fever” and hoping he makes his way backstage.

10:32 Angels are lip-syncing to Bieber…so torn right now. 

10:40 Backstage with the Angels who are talking about what they look for in a man. Erin wants big-handed guys and something about her hair catching on fire that we can’t make out. Doutzen proclaims she falls easily…

10:42 Apparently Miranda Kerr is late getting to place; Bruno Mars starts back on stage.

10:43 Wow, Lindsay in that skintight black one-piece with slits and her 16 white wings looks pretty unbelievable.

10:45 Miranda Kerr’s black and white one-piece with 360-degree wings as backdrop is a pretty stunning effect.

10:50  One word: CANDICE. Who’s taking us through her upbringing in South Africa, to becoming a fit model for VS (who tries on the dresses before Angels get fitted), to her career taking off after taking part in the show.

10:53 Candice’s biography is still running…we’re not complaining.

10:54 Back to Rihanna.Candice appears on the runway with wings made of purple flowers; Alessandra’s orchid outfit is pointing eyes in the right direction. Annnnd Rihanna goes in for an ass slap.

10:57 The order of the night! ALL MODELS OUT! ALL MODELS DOWNSTAGE!

10:58 Digging the model dance party.  Rihanna and Bruno seem to love this…Bieber looks bored. Dude, come on.

10:59 Final bow and we’re out. Short, hot and sweet but a little too much Biebs.  It’s sad this comes but once a year. But at least we have their ads to keep us company for the other 364 days.

Images Courtesy of Victoria’s Secret/CBS


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