VIDEO: Comic-Con 2012 Part Two

By Staff

We've got more Comic-Con coverage with Chloe Miranda. Check out her interviews with the Gene Simmons, the ACME archives and more from SDCC 2012.

Along with the literal hordes of nerds that flock to Comic-Con each year, the weekend-long pop culture event brings some of the biggest names in comics, video games and collectibles, so many in fact that finding them all is a life-size Where’s Waldo-type excercise. Thankfully, the fearless Chloe Miranda, never detered by crowds or calamity, persevered through the nerd sea to find the likes of Gene Simmons, the artists from the ACME archives and the creators of some truly badass collectibles, the Shiflett Brothers. Check out their fetaures in the video below. 

If you haven’t seen Part One of our Comic-Con coverage, click here and stay tuned all week for more from Comic-Con, including the convention’s sexiest women and the Playboy True Blood party. 


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