Vote for Playmate of the Year Miss January Heather Knox

By Editors of Playboy

Voting may be almost over for the Playmate of the Year, but your ballot still counts.

Ever since the Indianapolis native and rabid Colts fan announced in her pictorial profile that her fantasy football league is called “Show Me Your TDs,” life has been a pigskin riot for Heather Knox. “Fans send me messages asking how I feel about outcomes of games. I’m not shy about putting in my two cents,” she says. Having represented Playboy everywhere from Las Vegas to New Zealand last year, our football fanatic wants to tackle your vote for PMOY. “I think we need a Midwestern girl,” she says, “because we’re what I think of when I think Playmate: girls with big hearts who love to make people smile.” Her Playmate experience has sent Heather over the moon. “Sometimes I still can’t believe it,” she says. “It makes my heart melt.”


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