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Vote for Playmate of the Year Miss November Britany Nola
  • February 27, 2013 : 07:02
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“I’m so gung ho for Playboy because elsewhere society sets women up to be completely embarrassed by our bodies,” says model, music blogger, actress and gay rights advocate Britany Nola. “For example, movies are utterly violent and no one cares, but show a nipple and it’s the end of the world.” Although she’s just made her film debut in American Ecstasy, Britany is still focused on her activism. Determined to educate American teachers about how to counsel both bullies and gay teens, Miss November is revving up a campaign to purchase and disseminate rainbow stickers to gay-friendly teachers. “They can attach them to their doors so when kids need to talk, they can see which teacher is willing to help.” A PMOY win would buy a lot of stickers.

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