What to Wear At A Wedding

By Playboy.com Staff

It's wedding season, so we've made a quick guide for what to wear to Summer nuptials.

There’s something revealing about a man in linen drawstring pants during the sweltering summer months. Wearing these pants is a cop-out and, quite frankly, offensive. It’s as if they scream, “Come home with me if you want to sit cross-legged on my floor, picking at a bowl of toasted almond granola as I tell you about my backpacking trip to find myself after I was fired from my corporate job last year.” Please, we beg of you: rethink these pants if you’ve been invited to a beachside wedding. You don’t look like Bradley Cooper. And we’re not even sure if he’s ever worn linen drawstring pants, but we feel like he has.

The Suit

Summer is statistically the most common time to get hitched, so you will need to wear something that’s breathable during the incredibly tired nuptials. If you’re not in the immediate wedding party, you will most likely be sitting with your plus one or that “really funny” friend of the bride’s. If you are at a beach wedding, it’s acknowledged that attire can be more lax than normal, so finding a pair of chino pants is your best bet. When it comes to chino fabric, we like the Ludlow Chino Suit by J. Crew. It’s breezy, has a great fit, and for $500, is pretty inexpensive for a piece that can be worn separate. 

The Shirt

By now you’ve shed your extra winter weight, which means you should stop hiding behind flattering black tones. It’s going to get hot in that sun, so the lighter the fabric and color, the better. The suit we’ve chosen can be worn with any bright color but can also be matched with a light one as well. We’d select a classic blue Polo Ralph Lauren dress shirt ($125). It’s a classic color that can be matched with almost anything, so you’ll be able to reuse the piece after the wedding.

The Shoes

This may be a piece you won’t be able to wear frequently, but every man needs a pair or two of conversation shoes, and a wedding is one of the few times a year you’ll be able to pull it off. Monk strap shoes by Mark McNairy New Amsterdam ($495) are an incredibly gorgeous mixture of Ivy League and Americana. You may feel like you’re taking all of the attention away from the bride, but by now you’re probably used to that sort of thing. 


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