Infographic: Cheating 101

By Staff

<p>Huffington Post breaks down the latest on why we cheat in this handy infographic.</p>

The subject of monogamy is a hot topic lately. While some people are starting to think that human beings, like most other animals, have evolved to be incapable of being monogamous, the majority of us still seem to want to be in a committed relationship with only one other person for the rest of our lives, till death do us part, and then be buried alongside each other to be entwined forever and ever. Even in open or polyamorous relationships, though, there’s still such a thing as cheating, and these days with sites like devoted to helping aspiring cheaters find a hookup on the down low, it’s easier than ever to have a secret extramarital fling. Who would’ve thought the advancement of technology would make us stray?

There are few things that can put an end to a relationship faster than learning your partner has cheated. In fact, infidelity is the most common reason for divorce in the U.S., so no wonder scientists are turning their attention to the issue of cheating: who does it, why and how can we deal with it? The experts have returned some at times surprising conclusions, and Huffington Post has turned their findings into a series of infographics to illuminate this thorny issue.

Learn all about cheating in the infographic below.


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