Jayde Nicole: What Not to Do at the Gym

By Jayde Nicole

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Every gym has one of those people. You know the type: that loud, obnoxious and just totally inappropriate guy who is making a scene with his bad gym manners. I see them all the time as I do my workouts. Well, I’m here to make sure you are not one of those people. Follow my five rules to not becoming a gym disaster!

When I am 10 minutes into my stair climber, out of breath and sweating like crazy, the lastthing I want is some guy trying to hit on me. It’s just the worst! Wait until she is done, wiped off her sweat and has caught her breath and you’re in the clear.

No matter what song comes on or how great of a singer you think you are, remember you are the only person that can hear you music. I can’t tell you how many guys I see just rocking out dancing to their favorite song. It looks ridiculous! And if I’m being honest, it’s a little embarrassing…actually, it’s super embarrassing, and there is no possible way to recoup your dignity from this one. So keep your dance moves and serenades to yourself!

 Listen, I get it. You have lost a little weight and you are feeling super confident of your newly-found ability to see your toes! You want to show the world! Here’s the thing: No one wants to see that, no matter what shape you’re in. So remember, stick to your fitted workout tee to show off your new muscles and ditch the gapping muscle tanks.

Yes, spin classes are great. They help you lift your butt and tone your legs…not to mention they’re full of hotties dripping in sweat. But it is not the time or place to ask one of those hotties for her phone number! You’ll get turned down and you’re stuck on that stationary bike for another awkward 50 minutes. And if by some chance she gives it to you? You still have 50 minutes of trying to look good and keep your composure while keeping up with the class. Save the drama and work your romantic mojo after class.

This, friends, is the ultimate gym turnoff. Okay, sure, you want everyone to know that you are working hard, that your weights are heavy, and that you are super strong. Let your muscles do the talking. Counting your sets out loud or grunting while lifting weights doesn’t impress anyone. What it does do is gross people out. I absolutely have to leave the room when I hear someone breaking this rule.

And there you have it! Follow these rules and you will be in the clear. See you at the gym!

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