Jayde Nicole: Get a Six-Pack Now!

By Jayde Nicole

This week: Jayde shows you how to get a six-pack now!

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Ask any woman what her favorite part of a guy’s body is and she will always say the six-pack. Running your hands along rock-hard abs is such a turn-on. And for girls, having a sexy flat tummy is a must. You may think that looking like Ryan Reynolds or Jessica Biel is just not possible for you, but I am here to tell you it is. With the right nutrition and these amazing moves you will be there in no time.

A great way to start is simple crunches. You just need to make sure you are doing them correctly: Keep your neck in line with your spine, and lift those shoulder blades up off the ground with your abs. Start with doing them until it burns, and then do 10 more—that will give you your reps. Do three sets with a minute-long break in between each set.

To make this a little more difficult you can hold a medicine ball on your chest to add weight, or perform it on a boso ball to make it unstable.

Now, I always love to do double duty while I’m working out and that’s what makes this one great. You are going to combine your crunch (which really works your upper abs) with a knee lift to work your lower abs at the same time.

To make this one more difficult put your legs straight up in the air and lift up with your lower abs. Add ankle weights as you get more advanced.

You also need to pay attention to your diet. A lot of the time you will actually have a strong core but with body fat covering it up. What a waste! First, you must stop drinking your calories. Soda, juice and full-calorie beers are a big no-no. Replace with water, green teas and the low-calorie light drinks (if you must). Try to replace your morning sugary cereal with oatmeal and berries, and your burger with lean meats such as light turkey. Use avocado and leafy greens to fill your sandwiches and wraps. Replace your white bread with whole grain–and the same goes for your pasta and rice. These small changes will help blast away your belly fat.

Want a quick boost to help flatten that tummy? Try a cleanse. I am a big believer in cleanses. Not the crazy starvation, juice and paprika ones but the all-natural supplements you take along with your healthy diet. I suggest my Secret Weapon Cleanse. I live by it! I take one in the morning with my breakfast and one before I go to bed, for 15 days. The result? More energy, a flat stomach, better skin and a clean, detoxed body!

With these moves you will soon have a sexy six-pack like the ones you drool over. Make ‘em jealous, and see you at the gym!

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Next week: Strength-training moves to make you a star in the bedroom.

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