's WWE Diva Week

By Staff

With the WWE celebrating the 20th anniversary of RAW, Playboy looks back on the many Divas of the ring who have posed in our pages.

[POSTED: Chyna (Jan 14), Torrie Wilson (Jan. 15), Christy Hemme (Jan. 16), Candice Michelle (Jan.17), Ashley Massaro (Jan.18)]

Monday night marks the 20th anniversary of WWE Raw, the long-running and unrivaled flagship of everything that’s absolutely awesome and alright in the world. 

For two decades, Vince McMahon has been bringing us villains and victims, heels and heroes, Hell in a Cell, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Heavyweight Championships and the Heartbreak Kid. As an entertainment source, it’s unmatched: semi-real violence interwoven with intricate, improbable story lines and larger than life characters. As a sport, it’s up in the air; are these occasionally clever, oft-clichéd creations actors or athletes? Superstars or sloppy, second-rate sellouts? As a kid you constantly ask: is wrestling real or fake? As an adult we ask: is professional wrestling something to be celebrated? Or is just a poorly-scripted soap-opera for dudes?

Whatever it is, its undeniably successful thanks in large part to Monday Night Raw, the now three hour weekly saga that chronicles the exploits of men like John Cena and CM Punk but was built on legends of the ring like Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker, The Rock, and the always intriguing Mike Foley, perhaps better known as Mankind.

But what is also features, and what we here at Playboy, being who we are, are most concerned with is: Divas, the frighteningly beautiful (and sometimes just frightening) women of the WWE.

Over the years we have featured such notable Divas as Torrie Wilson, Chyna and Ashley Massaro in our pages and as the WWE celebrates 20 years of Monday night domination, we will be celebrating right alongside them, bringing the original interviews and Playboy covers out of retirement for your viewing pleasure.

So stay tuned all this week to see the beautiful women of the WWE like you've never seen them before, only on iPlayboy and 


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