Raquel Robin


5' 4"
July 2, 1990
Los Angeles, California, United States

About Raquel Robin

Follow your animal instincts with Amateur Raquel Robin, a veterinary technician from Los Angeles, California. She’s Hispanic – Cuban and Mexican – with thick, dark hair and sultry eyes. You first saw her in Special Editions – she was featured in College Girls, Natural Beauties, and Sexy Girls Next Door pictorials, to name a few – and she was featured as a Coed before making Amateur in 2012. Raquel was born and raised in Los Angeles, but don't mistake her for a lifer - she's got big dreams, and she's working hard to achieve them. “I’m a pre-veterinary student in the department of Animal Science," she explains. "It's not easy - you have to take like three years of chemistry before you can enter the faculty of veterinary medicine.” In the meantime, she works as a technician an animal hospital, and in ten years wants to be a working vet. When she’s not at school, she likes to have a beer with the guys, dinner and drinks with the girls, or pack up the car and take a road trip. “I’ve always wanted to pose for Playboy,” Raquel admits. “When I turned twenty, I figured, you know, what the hell – so I went to a casting call at the mansion. Heather Rae Young was there, which was a little intimidating, but it was fun – and a few weeks later, I got called back.” For now, Raquel is single, and she wants to have fun while she’s young. “I like a guy with a good sense of humor,” she says. “I like to try new things in bed – and new pancake recipes the next morning.” Raquel talks marriage, Sunday Funday and meeting Hef in her Facetime interview.

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