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What's Inside Your MDMA? It's Not What You Think

What’s Inside Your MDMA? It’s Not What You Think

The capsules appear so enticing, filled with the promise of thrills, joy, human enlightenment. So what exactly is inside? The dark truth behind today’s drug du jour, molly. MOLLY TEST NUMBER ONE The mystery powder in the clear capsule cost $10, a dead giveaway it wasn’t the substance the dope peddler was claiming it was. Nobody sells the real deal for that price. Examining it under the light, one could see yellowish rice-shaped crystals shifting around inside the half-filled capsule. It didn’t even look like the genuine article. “How many do you want?” asked Fernando, a stubby drug dealer with chubby hamster cheeks and a neatly trimmed goatee. “Just one. Are you sure this is real?” “Don’t worry, this shit is fire,” he said. On a drug-fogged night in late August, I found myself surrounded by a young crowd at a party in South Beach. While New Order’s “Blue Monday” played in the background, I was trying to ignore the loud conversation going on around me so I could focus on…

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