Even If You're Not Into Vino, These Wine Hotels Are Still Incredible

Even If You’re Not Into Vino, These Wine Hotels Are Still Incredible

Spa treatments based on your blind tasting. DIY wine making. Crushing grapes with your feet, old school style. These are just a few things you can do when staying in wine country. Although there’s roughly 6,000 wine regions in the world — yes, the Gobi Desert happens to be one of them — we mostly focused on hotels in the top ten wine producing countries. And yeah, not all of us know a thing about wine, besides that we like to drink it. That doesn’t mean these hotels are off limits to wine novices, considering the amount of non-wine related activities they have that you can just enjoy under the influence. From Sonoma to Spain, here are a few of our favorite getaways that the oenophile within you can geek out over. SARDON DE DUERO, SPAIN Abadia Retuerta LeDomaine In a restored 12th century medieval abbey, Le Domaine is located in wine country located just outside of Madrid. The Duero River (the same river that runs through Portugal as well) Valley region is known for…

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