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Miss November 2002

Serria Tawan


  • Eye Color
  • Hair ColorBrunettes
  • Birthdate09/04/78
  • HometownChicago, Illinois
  • TitlesMiss November 2002
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About Serria Tawan

Serria Tawan is Playboy’s Miss November 2002. When we asked Serria if her first name has any special meaning, she thought for a moment. “Yes, it means ‘beautiful, gorgeous, sexy one'—in Serria’s world,” she said, then laughed. “Seriously, my father was trying to name me Sierra, like Sierra Nevada. My mom thought it was too common and put a spin on it.”

Serria grew up on the South Side of Chicago and moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. “Chicago has these popcorn shops that you can smell from a few blocks away,” she said, sighing. “Butter, cheese, caramel, toffee, fudge—nothing in it is good for you. That’s what I like! I want to open a shop like that in Beverly Hills someday.”

Serria graduated from college with a degree in finance and is a licensed securities broker. “Being a broker is acting,” she told Playboy. “You’re trying to convince your customer to feel comfortable with you. You just can’t win an Oscar for it.”

After landing small parts in several films, Serria became interested in Playboy when she worked with Playmate Daphnee Duplaix on the set of The Parkers. She finished what she calls an “action-packed chick flick” script and got partial funding for a screenplay she wrote with Drugstore Cowboy scribe Daniel Yost. “I write short stories and keep a journal that I want to make into a book eventually,” she said. “My journal is like a girlfriend—someone I can talk to all the time.”

Serria has a heart as big as her career ambitions. “I’m a philanthropist,” she said. “Service, community, and family are my three main priorities.”

Serria is also into self-defense and has a blue belt in karate. “I had to flip a guy once,” she confessed. “He was getting too carried away, so I flipped him right on his ass and his eyes got so big. I felt bad, but now he’ll think twice about assuming someone is defenseless.”

Point taken, but what can a guy do to not get flipped? “A good date for me is cooking dinner and watching a movie—just sitting back on the couch, talking, whispering, and having a good time. I am not materialistic. I’m attracted to someone who might have nothing but is still confident. I also enjoy shaking my ass with the best of them at a club. I don’t half-step. If you do something, do it right. If not, stay home.”

Serria’s turn-ons include “confidence, sweet colognes, endowed gentlemen, a bomb-ass body, and last but not least … good manners.” She’s turned off by “stinky people, flabby bellies, insecurities, stingy tightwads, and people who can’t laugh at themselves—or at least laugh with me when I laugh at them.”

Since appearing in Playboy, Serria teamed up with two other Playmates to write The Bunny Book: How To Walk, Talk, Tease, and Please Like a Playboy Bunny. She competed on a special Playmates vs. Bachelors edition of Family Feud, played herself on The Girls Next Door, and acted on the TV shows Love, Inc., CSI: Miami, and Everybody Hates Chris.