The Coolest People You Know Are Wearing Nick Fouquet's Hats

The Coolest People You Know Are Wearing Nick Fouquet’s Hats

While Nick Fouquet didn’t make the Pharrell hat that spawned its own Twitter account, he has made lids for the super-producer/style icon. But Fouquet has also made hats for Bob Dylan, someone who you wouldn’t imagine shopping in the same stores as Skateboard P. Such is the appeal of Fouquet’s creations. The son of a model who has spent time in front of the camera himself, Fouquet began crafting hats about five years ago after working with a fashion designer. He has since gone on to open his own store in Venice, California and his hats are sold at top international boutiques like Barney’s. The hats, many of which are custom made and cost well over a grand, have a rough hewn edge to them that belies the painstaking attention to detail focused on each one. There’s certainly inspiration from the American West but these aren’t just cowboy hats. They don’t fit into any category, really, which is what is so refreshing about them. We spoke with Fouquet to learn about his creative…

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