The 10 Best Pieces From Supreme's Fall Collection

The 10 Best Pieces From Supreme’s Fall Collection

For fans of streetwear, the day Supreme releases a new season’s collection is like a holiday. The die-hards are familiar with the routine. It starts when the physical and online stores close for a few weeks to get prepared (and let anticipation build). Then the preview of the the goods drops online on a Monday, followed by the brick-and-mortar locations re-opening that Thursday. Then a week later, also on a Thursday, the online store comes back online so the rest of the world that doesn’t live in New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, or Japan has a chance to cop. For Supreme’s fall/winter 2016 that Thursday is today, August 25. The online store historically gets updated at 11 am EDT and smart shoppers know to start clicking refresh around 10:58 (I’m giving away a lot of my personal secrets here) because Supreme’s app doesn’t send out a push notification until around 11:02 and in those 120 seconds, most of the inventory has already sold out. Is it all worth it, just to buy a…

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