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5' 8"
Hair Color
Zalaegerszeg, Hungary

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The future is bright with Sunshine, a model from Zalaegerszeg, Hungary. Tall at 5’8”, she’s all natural, with soft chestnut-brown hair and brown eyes. “I’d say that I’m elegant and intelligent,” she says, by way of introduction. “It’s not easy to describe somebody in a few words!” Sunshine is an experienced model, but this is her first time posing for Playboy, and she simply couldn’t be happier. “I don’t have a problem posing nude,” she says. “I love my body, and Playboy is the number one men’s magazine in the world. Modeling used to be my hobby, and now it’s my full-time job.” When she’s not in front of the camera, Sunshine has a variety of interests – she loves art and music, and Friday nights find her all dolled up, hitting the town with her girlfriends. “When I meet a man, I look at his face first, and then the rest of his body,” she says. “I’m attracted to tall, athletic guys with blue eyes, and I love to be taken for dinner and a movie.” Sunshine knows what she wants, and true to form, she knows how to get it, too. “I don’t have sexual fantasies,” she says, coy. “I make all of my dreams come true.” Pinch yourselves all you want, but you’re not dreaming – Sunshine is all real, all natural, and best of all, she’s right here on Playboy.

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