Tania Funes


5' 4"
May 7, 1992
Long Beach , California, USA

About Tania Funes

Say hola to Cybergirl Tania Funes. A sweet-featured Latina from Long Beach, California, she’s all natural, and has long brown hair, a narrow waist and full hips. “I work at a shoe store in the mall,” she says, “but I want to pursue a full-time modeling career. My number one goal is to become a Playmate.” She’s ambitious, but at heart she’s a laid-back, free-and-easy California girl, and she spends her free time on the beach and out to lunch with her friends. “My mother is Mexican, and my father is Salvadoran,” she says. “They brought me up on authentic Latin food. I love both of my parents, but Mexican food is way better,” she says, laughing. Tania loves to eat, and she has a real sweet tooth. “I like desserts,” she says. “The usual things, like cake and cookies – and more unusual things, like fried ice cream, Japanese mochi and dulce de leche.” We found Tania at a Los Angeles casting call in 2011, and we were so sweet on her that we featured her in two Amateur pictorials. Now she’s a Cybergirl, and one step closer to achieving her goal of becoming a Playmate. She’s a regular at the Playboy Mansion, where she’s invited to parties and dinners with her fellow Playboy models. “I love modeling, and a woman’s body is a beautiful work of art,” says Tania. “Posing nude is freeing. I love my body, and now others can love it, too.”

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