Tara Barker


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Leeds, England, UK

About Tara Barker

  1. What part of a guy do you study first? I like a guy who smiles with his eyes. It’s a subtle gesture, but oh-so sexy! I think you can tell a lot from a person’s eyes. Of course, if he just stares at my chest it’s obvious he’s after just one thing. 2. What’s the party scene like at your school? There’s such a wide variety of people to meet and places to go. The student nights are the best: cheap beer, cheesy pop music and everyone is up for a laugh. Otley runs are the best. They’re kind of like bar crawls through Leeds organized by the student union. It’s held once a week and large groups of students participate in fancy dress. 3. What are some of your favorite things? Waking up on a Saturday morning and sleeping for two extra hours. I love walking my dog on a warm summer’s day through the park and checking out all the hot guys. I absolutely love modeling. I’m also a sucker for chocolate éclairs, which doesn’t help me keep my figure thin and slender. Final Exam: What is your special talent? Chatting up men at bars and flirting. I’m also a pole dancer.