Miss September 2008

Valerie Mason


5' 7"
Hair Color
Eye Color
brown eyes
Monroe, Louisiana
Miss September 2008

About Valerie Mason

Valerie Mason is Playboy’s Miss September 2008. She’s part Cherokee, with dark hair and eyes and a natural tan. “I’m a Southern girl,” she said. “I’m from Louisiana, but I live in Austin, Texas. I do miss it—my family, and all that Cajun food—but I make do with the best Mexican north of the border.”

Valerie loves driving in her car, windows down, with The Eagles at full volume. “They’re my favorite band,” she said. “I love music from the 70s and 80s—Pink Floyd, Tom Petty, that kind of thing. But my friends rag on me.”

Valerie collects vintage clothes and shoes, but she describes herself as half tomboy. “I’m the type of girl who can just chill and hang out with the boys,” she said. “I always had pet snakes and lizards that we caught in the yard. I also like going four-wheeling with a big group. Sometimes the four-wheelers get stuck in the mud and you have to push them out. I don’t mind getting dirty—it’s fun!”

Don’t be scared off by Valerie’s other hobby. She’s a snake charmer. “The boa constrictor in my pictorial is my pet, Mitch,” she said, laughing.

Valerie had never modeled before, but she was a big fan of The Girls Next Door, and she sent her photos to Holly Madison on MySpace. “I found Holly on MySpace, emailed her, and asked if I had a chance,“ reported Valerie. "Holly said my pictures looked great.” Holly invited Valerie to do a test shoot at Studio West.

“They filmed my test for an episode of The Girls Next Door,” Valerie said. “I never thought I would be on the show, but when I saw it, there I was, in front of the camera, meeting Hef and the girls.”

Valerie opened up to Playboy about what she looks for in a man. "I like shy guys. The mysteriousness intrigues me. If I had to make the first move, I wouldn’t mind.” Marriage was a distant thought. “I’m not going to say never, but I don’t see the point right now,” she said. “If you can find somebody you like having sex with and love at the same time, perfect. In the end, I don’t really care if I’m single or with somebody, as long as I’m happy.”

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