Bartenders Explain How and Why You Should Become a Regular at a Bar

By Indulgence

There was once this show called Cheers (ask your parents) that revolved around the community created at a bar in Boston. While Norm, Sam, Woody, Diane, Frasier, Coach, Cliff and Carla were fictional, the notion of bar as a welcoming social space was not. Becoming a regular at the right bar can foster friendships, get you the occasional free drink and give you a place to hangout. We asked America’s best bartenders to tell us why you should become a regular and how you should go about doing it.

Bartenders, in order of appearance:
Alex Negranza, C.J. Nielsen, Nectaly Mendoza, Sam Parrie, Dan Sabo, Guiseppe Gonzalez, Lisa Palmer, Gareth Howells, Killian Oliver, Karen Grill, Eric Bennett, Spencer Elliott, Pam Wiznitzer, Bobby Heugel, Charles Joly, Sean Kenyon and Sly Augustin

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