Bartenders Explain Why They Kicked You Out of That Bar

By Indulgence

We’ve all had a little too much to drink at the bar before. Maybe we even got a bit out of hand in the process. That’s when the bartender has to step in, cut us off and possibly boot us out. We gathered America’s best bartenders so they could tell us the signs they look for when cutting someone off, what kind of behavior will get people kicked out of a bar and horror stories of drunks behaving badly.

Bartenders, in order of appearance: John Lermayer, Houston Eaves, Nectaly Mendoza, Sean Kenyon, Gareth Howells, Lisa Palmer, Dan Sabo, Spencer Elliott, Chris Hannah, Killian Oliver, Pam Wiznitzer, Ryan Wainwright, Julia Momose, John Reusing, Sam Parrie, Karen Grill and Dustin Drankiewicz

Producer, Director & Writer: Jeremy Repanich
Directors of Photography: Jenna Morse and Lee Fritz
Coordinating Producer: Alyson Sheppard
Editor: Backlot Digital
Executive Producer: Brian Berkowitz

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