Journalista: ‘Further Future’ Brings Entrepreneurialism into the Festival Scene

By Yoonj Kim

Further Future is a festival that took place April 29th to May 1st at the Moapa Indian River Reservation near Las Vegas. Founded by a group of people from Robot Heart, a popular Burning Man art car, it was part music festival, part tech conference, and part wellness getaway. Along with the now-standard festival offerings of outstanding music, food, and wellness activities, it had a tech and entrepreneur-heavy focus, with its offerings of intellectual talks from headliners like Google’s Eric Schmidt and MTV founder Bob Pittman. It also offered guests luxury options not often seen at festivals. Playboy’s correspondent and festival regular Yoonj Kim went to check it out to see how these various elements successful play out at a transformational gathering, speaking with Entourage Concierge’s Simon Liebel and Sean Lee-Davies, investor Eric Pulier, and founder Jason Swamy, among others.

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