Journalista: The Best Thing to Consume at Music Festivals Is Not What You Think

By Yoonj Kim

The festival scene is no longer a survival competition like Woodstock was with its malnourished attendees—the main food choice then was granola, if you could find the few available stands betwixt the masses of people. Fortunately, hunger is no longer a concern for today’s festival goers. In fact, there is such a distinctive food culture within the festival circuit today that many people claim they go to festivals not just for the music, but for the culinary experience as well.

Playboy’s correspondent Yoonj Kim goes behind-the-scenes at The Do LaB’s Lightning in a Bottle, a four-night transformational festival in central California known for stellar music, art performances, and eco-conscious and creative workshops, and now increasingly, its nourishing food programs.

We get a look into the kitchen at Giggle Juice Café, a popular organic food and drink vendor that launched Lightning in a Plate, a gourmet dining experience on the festival grounds, with the help of Marsi Frey, a Do LaB producer. We explore the meaning behind the spread of conscious eating, hearing from the festival’s co-founder Dream Rockwell and radio DJ Jason Bentley, among others. The phrase “You are what you eat” has never rung more true than it does today.

Special thanks to: Marsi Frey at The Do LaB, Nicole Pilar, Dexx Negron, and Michael Naddor.

This video was originally published on June 18, 2015.

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