A Nightcap in Mexico With PMOY 2013 Raquel Pomplun

By Playboy Video

It’s not all work and no play for Playmate of the Year 2013 Raquel Pomplun. While on location in Mexico shooting the cover of the July/August issue, this gorgeous brunette took a much-needed rest. But, naturally, she did it in pure Raquel style: stiletto heels and a plunging red dress is the only suitable attire for a nightcap.

Join Raquel as she puts her feet up, Hornitos tequila in hand…whoever is on the other side of the table from this gorgeous brunette will be one lucky, lucky man. And we don’t just mean for the tequila.

Check out what Raquel has been up to so far this year for Not Just Any Playmate, Not Just Any Year.

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