Journalista: Meet the Crusaders Treating Cancer with Cannabis Oil

By Yoonj Kim

April 20th is the unofficial official day of recreational marijuana consumption across the world. This year Playboy takes a deeper look at the medical side of marijuana.

As marijuana legend Tommy Chong says in this short-form documentary, “Cannabis changed my life. It’s going to change the world.” It’s a sentiment shared by a growing number of people who use the plant to treat cancer and other ailments. Playboy’s Yoonj Kim looks at this discreet yet passionate populace on a mission to bring cannabis treatments for cancer and other diseases to the forefront.

We start with Jon Marsh, a cannabis consultant who oversees a network of over 50,000 members online who are interested in or have used cannabis to treat cancer, epilepsy and other diseases.

He introduces us to a couple from the group, Jeff and Diana Pena of Myriam’s Collective, who tell us about the legal and financial hardships still surrounding medical marijuana in the state of California. We get a rare, behind-the-scenes look at how they actually make the cannabis oil for their patients.

A doctor in their network, Dr. Bonni Goldstein, tells us the scientific basis for cannabis treating cancer cells. And Tommy Chong not only tells us how he treats his prostate cancer but shows us how he administers his cannabis oil suppository in his own kitchen.

*This video was originally published on April 20, 2015. *

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